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Tagging Service

If you do not have the time or a computer please e-mail us about our tagging service. We make it easy and convenient to tag your items in a short period of time. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

 How to Tag

Take the extra time to inspect your items.  Only new and gently-used items will be accepted.  Spending the extra time to clean and prepare your items will result in better sales for you.

Supplies Needed:

  • White Cardstock Paper – plain paper is too thin. I have purchased cardstock at Wal-mart, Sams, BJ's and office supply stores.
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Hole punch - optional but recommended for easier pinning
  • Hangers – please use child size hangers for smaller items.  We are unable to return hangers. Hangers can be purchased inexpensively at local discount stores.
  • Safety pins – medium to large
  • Zip loc bags
  • Masking/painters/packing tape-Packing tape works best on plastic, but use caution on other items.

Please do not tape over the barcode.  The scanners can not read well through the tape.

Sign on with your consignor user ID to enter items with our online tagging system. Click here for detailed instructions for our online tagging system.


  • Should be cleaned and pressed
  • Please hang all clothing items on hangers with the hook facing left to look like a "?". Please attach tags with one 1” safety pin. (the small gold pins are too tiny). 
  • Hang pants and skirts by safety pinning at the waist to the top bar of the hange or with a pant hanger.
  • Two piece items hang the shirt and pin the pants through the waistband, the top bar of the hanger and the shoulders of the shirt.
  • Tags should be pinned to the top right when looking at the item, or through manufactures label at the center back.
  • Small clothing items such as onesies will sell better when grouped together and sold in multiples.
  • Matching items such as bows, socks, etc. should be placed safety pinned to the item or placed in a Ziploc bag and secured to the item.
  • Items such as t-shirts sell better when paired with shorts or pants or sold in multiples.

Shoes – the best way is to secure together with a zip tie or cording and attach your tag to the tie.

Non-clothing items

  • All toys, furniture and baby equipment must be cleaned and must contain all of the parts. The loose pieces should be put into a clear bag and taped to the item and taped closed. Puzzles can be wrapped in clear plastic wrap and taped with clear packing tape. We will have little shoppers who will want to investigate all the goodies. 
  • Instruction manual, small parts and accessories should be placed in a clear bag and tape it to the item.
  • Items such as cribs sell better when assembled. We do not have the personnel to assemble items so please plan the extra time at drop off to assemble your items.
  • Bedding items can be placed on a hanger or folded. If it is a set be sure to pin items together and list number of items in the description.
  • Any item that requires batteries must contain working batteries.


Pricing Guidelines

Pricing guideline – 25-40% of the original price.   Take into consideration the condition of the item and price accordingly. We have attatched pricing guides to help you determine what to price your items at. Please click here for the childrens clothing list. Please click here for maternity clothing, baby equipment and other essential items. Our minimum price is $2.00 and must be priced in $.50 cent increments ($2.00, $2.50, $3.00, etc.).

If you have any questions, please email us at info@floridafamilyconsignment.com or phone us at (386) 232-8676 – Sheri



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