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What to Sell

Our sale is for almost any infant’s and children’s items.  These guidelines are to help you choose items that will sell best.  Please look over each item for excessive wear, stains, holes, etc.  Items must be less than 5 years old. We accept all seasons, but have found that current season and style sells best.  This is especially true for older children, teens and maternity items.

Acceptable Items

  • Girls clothing size preemie/infant through size 16, junior sizes for teens.
  • Boys clothing preemie/infant through size 20, young men sizes for teens.
  • Children’s shoes in excellent condition.
  • Maternity Wear.
  • Accessories for clothing (belts, hats, hair bows, etc).
  • Books for children and parenting books.
  • DVDs for children, audio cds, videos, games.
  • Baby Equipment – strollers, playpens, high chairs, exersaucers, baby swings, etc.
  • Furniture for babies and young children – cribs, rockers, changing tables, toy boxes, etc.
  • Baby and children décor items.
  • Baby items such as towels, safety items, bibs, blankets, etc.
  • We only accept feeding items in like new condition.
  • Car Seats and with signed printable waiver
  • Toys – must be in good condition and include all pieces.  Battery operated toys must have working batteries.  Toys are good sellers!
  • Outdoor play equipment in good condition – playhouses, bicycles, ride-on toys, picnic tables, etc. Outdoor items are big sellers!!!
  • Stuffed animals in excellent condition.
  • Due to the new regulations regarding toy safety we ask that you consult: http://wemakeitsafer.com/ to be sure none of your items are on the recall list.


Items we can not accept

  • Adult clothing.
  • Clothing with broken zippers, missing buttons, stains, tears, etc., T-Shirts with inappropriate writing or graphics, school logos, etc.
  • Clothing that is over 5 years old.
  • Undergarments.
  • Fast food toys
  • Used pacifiers, and nipples
  • Breast pump items that have had contact with breast milk (valves, hoses, etc).
  • Car Seats over 5 years old. Any car seat missing the date sticker will not be accepted.
  • Any recalled items.


If you have any questions please email us at info@floridafamilyconsignment.com


Enter your item in the search box below to check for recalls.

Check-in Guidelines

Test scan 1 tag to be sure bar codes scan correctly.

    Check clothing for unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke, mothball, mold and pet odors.  If time allows we can check-in and permit them to take home to wash and deodorize.
  • Current and up-to-date style (less than 5 years old) especially in maternity.
  • Check zippers, buttons, Velcro, etc to be in good working condition.
  • All buttons should be buttoned, snaps snapped and zippers zipped.  
  • This is a good way to be sure everything is in good condition and it also gives your clothing a better presentation.
  • Check for stains
    baby items - top of garment for food and formula stains on front and collars, bottoms check for body fluid stains. 
       kids tops- check front for stains.  Long sleeve shirts check elbows and cuffs.
         kids pants - check knees and cuffs.
    Jeans can have some slight fading at the knees, but no thinning fabric unless by design.  Some fraying (less than 25% of hem) is acceptable on jeans. 
    NO noticeable fraying from wear is acceptable on dress pants.
    Check for frayed or damaged ribbon or trim on dresses.
    Check for excessive wear or fabric pilling especially on sweaters and hoodies.  There should be a fair amount of wear left in garments.  Not overly washed.
    Graphics on shirts must be tasteful and age appropriate.  No profanity, nudity, drugs or alcoholic beverages
    Make sure item are hung securely and are neatly presented.

Underwear must be new in package.
Bra's in like new condition
Socks in like new condition only.

1. Be very picky!
2. Shoes are clean from top to sole. No stains.
3. Shoe pairs are attached together securely.  
4. No scratched leather or worn toes.
5. Good amount of tread left on soles.
6. no peeling
7. no dented toes on dress shoes
8. make sure laces are clean and in good shape
9. Tag is attached securely.

MOVIES, MUSIC AND VIDEO GAMES - Check that item matches cover, Original CD or DVD, no visible scratches.

ELECTRONICS - batteries included, item tested and works.  Please know how to turn it off.

TOYS - key pieces included (play not affected), extra pieces secure.  Clean with no missing or broken pieces.

DRINK CUPS - Good Shape, not chewed or stained

BOTTLES - no nipples unless new

BREAST PUMP - no tubing or attachments

CAR SEATS - check dates and be sure a car seat check list has been completed 

CRIBS - Must be manufactured after June 28, 2011 or compliant with new CPSC regulations (NO dropside cribs). It is illegal to resell or donate a crib manufactured before this date.

RECALLS - If you are not sure take a minute to recheck the recall website.  It is illegal for us to sell an item that has been recalled unless the consignor has obtained and completed a repair kit.  To check for recalls visit our website for a We Make It Safer link at www.FloridaFamilyConsignment.com/Sell  or the We Make It Safer site at www.wemakeitsafer.com or www.cpsc.gov for the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Please have consignor point out any items over $25.00 so we can verify that item made it to the sale.

We need our consignors and our shoppers to have confidence in the quality of items at our sale. Please don’t be offended if we reject some of your items. We realize it is very easy to miss a stain or tear when you preparing your items to sell.  We hate to reject your items after you have taken the time to prepare and tag your item.  We want to sell your item. 




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