Florida Family Consignment FAQs



Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  If you have any questions please contact us.

What is a consignment sale?
Our consignment sale is a twice yearly children’s sale.  You will be joining with other area moms to sell your new and gently-used items. We, Florida Family Consignment LLC, will be acting as an agent for you in selling your items.  Sellers bring us their items and we organize, advertise and operate the event. 

What is a consignor?
A consignor is someone just like you, a mom with a house full of children’s clothes and other “kid stuff” that you no longer need.  These things are too good to throw away and you are too busy to have a garage sale.  Garage sales often take too much time and bring you very little money for your items.  Resale shops typically pay 30-40% and they decide the selling price.  With our sale you will earn 65-75% of your price.  Just clean, tag and drop off your items and let us do the rest.

Why should I consign instead of selling the items myself?
Although there are many ways (garage sales, eBay, Craig list, etc.) of selling items nowadays the benefits of our consignment sale is you will be joining with other local families to sell your items.  A larger sale will attract more shoppers giving you a better opportunity to sell your items at a better price.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit and debit cards. You will not have to haggle over the price, you will be able to remain anonymous,  you will not have strangers coming to your home or calling you, you will not have to ship the items,  you do not have to advertise, you do not even have to be there.  Just bring your items to us and wait for your check.

Do I have to attend the sale?
No, but you will probably want to and remember that volunteering for one three hour shift allows you shop before everyone else.

Why should I shop at your consignment sale?
You will find great bargains and a large assortment of items for children.  Everything will be categorized and we do our best to accept only good quality items. 

Can I bring a friend/husband/relative to the pre-sale?
Each volunteer is give one pass for each shift worked.  If you want to receive two passes your may sign up for an extra shift or have them volunteer for a shift also.

Can I bring my children with me while I am volunteering?
No, we cannot permit children while you are volunteering.

Do I have to volunteer to become a consignor OR do I have to be a consignor to be able to volunteer?
The answers to both are no.  You may consign, volunteer or hopefully do both.

Why do I have to pay a consignor fee?
Your $15.00 consignor fee helps pay for all the costs in having this sale.  Your consignor fee includes our online barcode, tagging, and point of sale system. We rent the best locations and advertise in many different ways to bring lots of shoppers and therefore allow you to get the best prices for your items.

Will I know which items I have sold?
One of the great advantages of using an online tagging system is that you will have a complete inventory of the items you have tagged and your online account will be updated every morning showing which items you have sold.

How will I be paid?
Your check will be mailed to you as soon as we are able to close out the books for the sale.  We state within two weeks to allow us a little wiggle room should we have a delay.  We strive to get your checks to you as soon as possible.  While you are waiting you will be able to log onto your inventory list and see what has been sold.

Why can’t I get my hangers back?
Most times the items are sold with the hangers to speed up the check our process.

What happens to my unsold items?
All unsold items are either picked up by the seller or donated to local charities. When tagging your items you are given the option to donate unsold items. After the sale you can print a list of donated items for taxes.

What if I am unable to pick up my unsold items?
If you need to send someone else to pick up your items please provide a note giving your permission to release these items.
We are unable to store items and all items not picked up will be donated.



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