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As may of you know my mom (Barbara) passed away shortly before our Fall 2018 Event. I have chosen to keep her original write up as follows as she will always be with us as this sale was her dream that she invited me into. - Sheri


We are a mother and daughter team. I, Barbara, am the mother of 3 grown daughters and the grandmother of Kaitlyn, age 18, Jacob, age 16, and Jackson age 8.  Sheri is my youngest daughter and Jacob’s and Jackson's mom.  Sheri is my partner and Lisa, my daughter and Sheri's sister will also be helping us.  Sheri, and I have a lot of experience in the retail industry.  We have all managed retail stores and have worked in most aspects of retail, Sheri specialized in sales, training and customer service, and I spent many years in inventory management.  Lisa is our animal lover and works as a veterinary assistant.  We have many years of experience as parents living on a budget and bargain shopping.  

My daughter, Sheri and I thought we knew just about all there was to know about shopping.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered that there was an entirely new way to shop that we had never known.  Not only that, but the bargains were phenomenal. How had we missed it?  We missed it because while these sales were booming in other parts of the country there were only a few in Florida. We knew our mission.  We needed to bring a shopping event to our area.  All of our friends and neighbors would love these sales.  We would be able to help families earn a little extra and also to stretch their family budget.  We will be able to support local charities.  

We can hardly wait for our next sale.  We hope to see you there!


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Sheri Igyarto
(386) 232-8676


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