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Online Tagging Benefits:

Included with your registration fee is our tagging and point of sale system which has many features designed for you, the consignor.

  • Your items receive individual barcodes for accuracy.
  • You can electronically enter your tags, which will save you 50-60% of your time.
  • You can print Inventory Sheets for all your items.
  • You can also print a donation list for your tax filings.
  • You can keep your entries for future sales with us.
  • Your account will be updated each morning so you can view which items sold the previous day.
  • You can calculate your potential sales in dollars.
  • This system will be more accurate and will allow you to receive your checks more quickly than you would with a manual system.

Online Tagging Instructions:

Description - Be very descriptive using brand name, number of items such as 2 piece outfit, and include the original purchase price if you know it.  We will use this description if the tag becomes separated from the item.  We can not be responsible for items with lost tags but we will make every effort to retag using your description. Be sure to include the number of pieces in your description.

Summary of Tagging Instructions

  1. Go to consignor login on our website www.floridafamilyconsignment.com, and either create an account or log in with your User Id and password (which you received when you created your account)
  2. To speed up your tagging process sort your items by clothing, toys equipment, etc.  Sort clothing by gender and then size.
  3. To enter items into the system go to the tab Enter Items.  By sorting prior to entering, you will save a lot of time because you will only have to reenter the price and description for each similar item.  You also can avoid using the mouse entirely by simply using the tab button, selecting the first letter of each entry in the drop downs and the enter key to add items. Remember to note which items you wish to allow to be discounted on Sunday and which items you wish to donate if they are not sold.
  4. If you need to edit anything, go the Manage Inventory screen.  Here you can print the inventory reports, edit items and also see a Projected Settlement Report based on the items you have entered into the system.
  5. Printing can be performed at anytime, at intervals or all at once when you are finished entering your items.  Please make sure that you are printing tags on cardstock.  White or light, pastel colors only.
  6. Once your tags are printed, make sure the bar-code is clear and is not excessively dark (use ‘normal’ setting when printing – NOT best quality), then cut on the lines and safety pin to left shoulder or right side if the clothing is facing you.  When applying tape to the toys, equipment, etc. please do not put tape over the bar-code.

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