Busy Mom Tagging Service


Busy Mom Tagging is a great way for busy moms to join our sale.  Many of our moms find they do not have the time to tag their items.  You will earn from 40% to 50% of your sales. You will have all the benefits of our consignors including the consignor pre-sale and the opportunity to increase your percentage through volunteering and referrals.  You will also be charged $.20 for each hanger we supply, $.20 for each item to cover the cost of cardstock, printing, tape, safety pins, zip ties, zip-loc bags, etc. There will be a fee of $.50 per battery that is needed.  These fee will be deducted from your check.

Call or email us to be set up with one of our tagging assistants.  Space is limited!  To secure your tagger, we suggest you register early. Deadline to use the busy mom tagging service is August 30th. We will set you up with a tagger and a time and place to drop off your items.  Please Note:  large items such as cribs, changing tables and furniture will need to be delivered and set up at the sale before 7pm on Monday.

Register as a consignor and complete the consignor agreement, tagging agreement and self addressed stamped envelope.  

Prepare your items for delivery to assistant.  Gather and inspect items. We cannot accept items with stains, tears, broken zippers, missing pieces or those that are just too well loved.  Check our website under What To Sell for a detailed list of acceptable items. Please group your clothing by gender and size and place outfits together. All items should be clean and electronic items must have working batteries.   You will need to let your tagger know if you wish your unsold items donated or returned.  If you want to donate all but a few items be sure to let them know AND to check your tags to be sure your request was followed.  

Any items that do not meet our guidelines will be held for you to pick up with your unsold items or donated at your request.  Please take a moment to review items for recalls at www.cpsc.gov or wemakeitsafer.com

Our tagging assistants are trained and experienced consignors.  Their goal is to price your items at a good price that will earn you both money.  They will be pricing your items at 50% off on Sunday unless you request otherwise.  This is the best way to assure you will have the most successful sale possible.  You will be given 24 hours to review and approve any prices before the tags are printed.  After your approval time your account will be locked until the sale opens.

1. Gathering and sort your items for your tagging assistant.
2. Dropping off your items, agreements and envelope.
3. Picking up your unsold items(unless they are donated) and wait for your check!


Busy Mom Tagging Agreement




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